How to Write Leave Application

Importance of Leave Application:

How to writer correct leave application, this is one of the frequently asked questions across the world. Writing a correct leave application is a most genuine way of requesting for any kind of small and long break from different fields such as jobs, schools and some other fields for a particular time period. In the present time, most of the companies or offices have the digital leave application data format. Taking leave without any leave application (correct format) in offices and schools is very generate several types of difficulties and make you unprofessional or irresponsible person. Your any types of leave application alter the boss to easily understand your need for the leave (short or long leave) and easily keep track of your particular days of absence. When you are trying to write a leave application, that time you must mention the particular reason for the leave in your leave application. The leave application should be genuine, without any grammatical mistakes, formal, brief and also straight to the point.

How to Write Leave Application

Do you need to take any type of leave from office or school? It is very important to mention your request in leave application. Leave application is one of the genuine ways to apply for leave and after reading you leave application, the chances that your school teacher/ Principal/manager etc. will grant your request easily. So, whenever you need to write leave application then just mention these following points in your leave application;

  • Salutation
  • The main purpose of the leave application (subject)
  • Key Reason for leave
  • Total number of leaves (include particular dates)
  • Correct contact information
  • Signature

Example 1 (Sick Leave Application Format): How to Write Sick Leave Applications to Your School?


The Principal,

(The School Name)

(Current Date)


With due respect, I beg to say that I am unable to attend the class in school because I have been suffering from fever in the last couple of days. My doctor has already advised me complete bed rest for the next couple of days.

So, please kindly grant me leave for three days (day/month/year to day/month/year).

Thanking you,

Yours Obediently,

(Your Name)

(Name of Class and Section)

Roll NO.____________


Leave Application Format for Sister’s Marriage

leave application for school

Example 1 (Sick Leave Application Format): How to Write Sick Leave Applications to Your Office?

Subject: Sick Leave Application

Dear Mam/Sir,

I am just writing to inform you that I will not be able to attend my office due to sickness because I’m suffering from a high temperature, and cough since last evening then I have been feeling very weak. As per my family doctor, I need to take complete bed rest and also take medication 2 to 3 days.

So kindly allow me 2 to 3 days leave, until the {date}. Thank you so much for your quick attention to this matter.

Your Sincerely,
{Your Name}
(Contact No.)
(Job Designation)

Example 1 ( Leave Application Format for Holi): How to Write Holi Leave Applications to Your Office?

Dear Mam/Sir,

Subject: Leave Application for Holi

With due regard, I am to state that my Ticket for Holi occasion has been confirmed on 25 February and my returning ticket is on 5 March. Therefore kindly grant me leave from 26 Feb 2018 up to 5 March 2018 (Leave for one week).

Thanking you
(Your Name)
(Job Designation)
(Contact No)

Example 1 (Leave Application to Go to Hometown): How to Write Leave Applications to Go to Hometown

Subject: Leave Application to Go to Hometown

Dear Respected Sir,

With due respect, I have been informed that I have to go to my hometown to meet my parents and for that, I need 4 days leaves.

So, please to consider my concern and grant me leaves for 4 days (1 March and 3 March 2018)

Your Sincerely,
{Your Name}
(Contact No.)
(Job Designation)

Different Types of Leave Application List for Office:

Application for sick leave Leave for vacation
Leave for visiting a doctor Leave due to adverse weather
Medical leave Sabbatical leave
Leave for marriage Unpaid leave
Maternity/ Paternity leave Leave for appearing as a witness in court
Leave for an urgent piece of work Religious observance leave
Annual leave request Funeral leave
Study leave Pregnancy leave
Family support leave Temporary disability leave
Leave for community service Leave for child care
Leave application for visiting sick mother or father

List of Leave Application for Schools:

Half Day Leave Application format
Sick Leave Application
Full Day Leave Application format

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