Top 100 Countries Quiz

The Countries Quiz is geography trivia games that will help all of you learn the location of all countries about the world in an enjoyable manner. You should have to play this countries quiz game to improve your worlds’ geographical knowledge also with some fun and enjoy. How many countries can you name? The countries of the world quiz will help to answer this. If you have good hand in this geography knowledge and are looking for an idea of the geographical game, no need to search more, just visit our official quiz site, download “World Capital Geography Quiz” app from there, open that app and play after installing, and then test your geographical knowledge about world location right away. If you like to play geography quizzes or quiz game in general, it means you will love this app definitely.

In this quiz, answer the geography questions on the global countries- capitals that contain four multiple-choice options. You will have to give the correct answer to those geography related question on the world country and their capitals and will win that contest. After winning you, we will appreciate you and provide the best offer or prize for you. There are 3 different game modes of this quiz, which are: Classic, Arcade, and Survival. So, increase your scores in this game by giving the correct answer in geography quiz game and test your geography knowledge associated with worlds’ countries and their capitals cities. It is an unlock challenging gameplay modes in world countries’ capitals.

People can also measure their geography trivia knowledge by answering the simple questions and all you have to know the name of the capital city of a country. With this quiz game, you will actually have lots of fun with learning geography skills. The country trivia quiz games are great and very helpful for all and the best trivia about world capitals ever. So, our best suggestion for you is to download this free app and enjoy or fun learning with the growth of your world knowledge. If you got the highest score rather than others players, then you can win the special prize from our side with regard. So, if you are master-minded in this geography and location field, you are highly recommended by us that you must play this game and got an opportunity to renowned yourself around all over the world.

The List Of Trivia Questions Are:

History Questions for Teens:

1.Q- World War 1st began in —– year.

(A) 1917 (B) 1914
(C) 1926 (D) 1934

Ans- (B) 1914

2.Q- The Magna Carta was published by the King of which country?

(A) France (B) England
(C) America (D) Japan

Ans- (B) England

3.Q- Who was the first Western explorer to reach China?

(A) Cook (B) Vasco da Gama
(C) Magellan (D) Marco Polo

Ans (D) Marco Polo

4.Q- Adolf Hitler was born in —– country.

(A) Austria (B) China
(C) Germany (D) France

Ans- (A) Austria

5.Q- The Hundred Years War was fought between what two countries?

(A) Italy and Germany (B) England and Germany
(C) France and England (D) Spain and France

Ans- (C) France and England

6.Q- The 2nd world war begins on …?

(A) 1935 (B) 1945
(C) 1939 (D) 1942

Ans- A) 1935

Geography Questions for Teens:

1.Q- Which city is the only city in the world situated on two continents?

Ans- Istanbul in Turkey

2.Q- Which is the World’s highest mountain?

Ans- Mount Everest

3.Q- Which desert is the biggest desert in the world, outside the Polar region?

Ans- The Sahara Desert

4.Q- Which is the largest volcano in the world?

Ans-The Mouna Loa on Hawaii (USA)

5.Q- Which is the world’s largest country in size (area)?

Ans- Russia

6.Q- Which is the largest metropolitan city in the world (by population)?

Ans- Tokyo in Japan

7.Q- What is the most active volcano in the world?

Ans- Kilauea Volcano

8.Q- Which country  has the most gold?

Ans- United State (8,133.5 tonnes)

9.Q- What is name of highest Airport in the world from the sea level?

Ans- Daocheng Yading Airport (14,472 ft)10.Q- Which country has no river?

Ans- Saudi Arabia

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