PSAT Test Dates 2019-2020

PSAT Test Dates 2019-2020: Registration, Exam Pattern, Eligibility Criteria

PSAT is the short form of the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test that has been framed as the standardized test to assess the student’s proficiency to take the SAT test 2019-2020. This is so because PSAT is always treated as prior practice for taking the SAT exam 2019-2020.

Are you PSAT aspirants and roaming to find information regarding PSAT Test Dates 2019-2020? Desiring for taking admission in colleges located in overseas countries like the USA? If your inclination is literally towards it then go through this post to add to your knowledge and more ideas about PSAT test and its scheduled dates. PSAT test is conducted by colleges located in the USA to assess the potential of International students. The vital thing that students must know is about PSAT 2019-2020 test dates so that they may plan to prepare themselves in accordance with that. PSAT passes on to the preliminary SAT which is also called as the National Merit Scholarship Test. It is quite a common question that keeps striking to the mind of students that how many times PSAT may be taken.  Actually, the College Board usually offers three options for PSAT test dates and those are a primary test date, an alternate test date, and a Saturday test date. This has been analyzed that most of the schools select the primary test date which falls on Wednesday.  So far analysis addresses that no any exact test date has been prescribed by colleges authorities located in the USA.  Howbeit you may come around the possibly occurring PSAT test dates by taking a glance at previous year dates for PSAT test 2019-2020.

PSAT Test Dates 2019-2020

As it has been observed that mostly PSAT 2019-2020 Test Dates fall on a Wednesday in the mid-October, therefore, you may expect for alternate test date two weeks later and Saturday test date comes in few days with respect to the primary test date. Students must the idea about the motive for offering the PSAT test.  It has been mainly designed to review what students have learned in their schooling time and how much their basic concepts are clear. The PSAT consists of three sections that are reading test, writing and language test and math test which need to be managed strategically by the students. Thus it is essential in some of the other ways for them to have idea concerned with PSAT Test Dates 2019-2020. Most often to initiate for taking PSAT, students are required to determine whether their school will provide the PSAT as it is deemed as the easiest method to check out about this utilizing the college board’s school search tool.

Another important thing about PSAT Test Dates 2019-2020 is to find out the registration deadlines. Thereafter, students are required to follow the Signup process and make payment for the PSAT tests. Students may move for the registration through their high schools. Every School organizes its own PSAT registrations procedure and elucidates to students about the PSAT along with its registration process. Thus if you are willing to appear at PSAT, then you may be in touch with high schools that are going to administer the PSAT test. in this way, you may quickly move towards collecting knowledge about the PSAT tests dates. For more questions, viewers may ask us dropping their queries in the provided comment box.

Quick Overview PSAT Test Dates 2019-2020:

PSAT Test Dates PSAT Registration Deadline
10-Oct-2018 Please contact your school Principal or school administrator for details and to register.
13-Oct-2018 Please contact your school Principal or school administrator for details and to register.
October 24, 2018 (alternate) Please contact your school Principal or school administrator for details and to register.

PSAT 2019-2020 Registration:

As far as the registration process for PSAT is concerned, then those students who want to register for PSAT may proceed for this at their high school. They will be required to talk to the school’s guidance counsellor. Howbeit PSAT test may also be taken in nonstandard test formats that may be preferred by those students who want to take it. However like SAT interested students may follow the PSAT registration procedure through online. They also need to execute the sign-up process that fully depends on the student’s school. This test is organized three times in a year and usually, PSAT exam is conducted on a primary date, Saturday date, an alternate date. When it comes to the selection of PSAT date then school decides in this concern. Most often Schools select the primary date for PSAT exam. Some of the school executes the registration process for PSAT in the month of September. This test is organized three times a year.

PSAT exam pattern 2019-2020:    

PSAT exam pattern resembles the SAT 2019-2020 exam format that includes the three segments such as Math, Critical reading, and writing. PSAT exam 2019-2020 continues for two hours and 10 minutes. In math sections, questions are set in form of multiple choice questions and time is stipulated for 25 minutes each. Most often, a higher level of questions are offered but there are no quantitative comparisons. Now in the writing section, questions are provided of multiple types and scheduled time for it is thirty minutes.

PSAT Syllabus 2019-2020:

Those students who are searching for the data of PSAT syllabus 2019-2020 may quickly get information here. PSAT test is conducted to know about the capability of students for SAT test. If you are also planning to take PSAT test then read our article to have complete information about it. PSAT aspirants need to have command over the Math and their reading and writing section to obtain expected marks and improve their level of potential. Usually, most of the students try to have true data concerning the syllabus of the particular exam but sometimes they do not get it.  Having considered it, we have mentioned the required subject that students need to focus on as PSAT syllabus 2019-2020.

PSAT 2019-2020 Eligibility Criteria:

PSAT test is considered as an important step for those who are going to take this test. Students studying in high schools are eligible to apply for PSAT 2019-2020 exam. It usually let the students know about the basic concept of standardized testing and provides the best platform to make practice at an early stage to make themselves perfect for upcoming exams. It is deemed as the most beneficial for those who desire to take the SAT in future.  For this reason, students studying in the high school are eligible to take the PSAT through which they may easily get an idea about the possible pattern of SAT exam 2019-2020.

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