MCAT Test Dates 2018- 2019

MCAT Test Exams 2018

MCAT Test Dates 2018-2019: Registration, Exam Pattern, Eligibility Criteria

MCAT is a short form of Medical College Admission Test. This test is conducted on the basis of online and has been imposed as a standardized examination for those who desire to get admission in the medical colleges in the USA.  MCAT is organized to observe the applicant’s problem solving, critical thinking and writing capability. In this segment, we have offered the elaborated details about MCAT test for the convenience of approaching medical students. Most often it happens that owing to the lack of knowledge, they lag behind and finally have to compromise with their dream, hence we have talked MCAT on our webpage.

Quick Information about MCAT Test

If you are looking for the quick information about the MCAT Test but don’t have any idea then now get free from the care, we have mentioned a complete data about MCAT from where MCAT aspirants may receive Quick Information about MCAT Test according to the requirement. In most cases, MCAT aspirants keep searching for the information associated with how to apply for it? Today a large number of students dreams to become a medical professional and wish to study out of their own country. On the other hand, it is also obvious that every country prescribes their own educational system which needs to be followed by applicants.  That is why we have given full information, about MCAT test.

Registration for MCAT Exams 2018

Students who are aspiring for taking the MCAT are required to follow the registration process before the registration deadline. To go ahead for registration, students need to visit the MCAT registration system where they have put the AAMC login details. We advise our viewers to execute the registration procedure as soon as possible so as to choose the desired test location also seats get filled at a fast level.

MCAT Test Dates 2018

As far as the MCAT test dates are concerned, then MCAT aspirants are required to collect the data related to the test date as early as possible. This is treated as the necessary factor because after getting an idea about the possible MCAT Test Dates, they may create a favorable strategy to carry on their preparation for MCAT test. Generally, registration procedure starts three to four months before a test date. MCAT is organized three times in a year and students may register for MCAT for one testing session at one time. To get more information regarding testing dates, go to our website in an attentive way.

MCAT Test Dates Sheet 2018

MCAT Exam Format and Pattern 2018- 2019

Now in this section, we will discuss the MCAT Exam Format and Pattern so to ease the problem of MCAT aspirants. MCAT comprises four segments and those are the biological and biochemical foundation, chemical and physical foundations, psychological, social and biological foundations and critical analysis along with reasoning skills.  MCAT aspirants are required to focus on the mentioned subjects to acquire the qualifying marks. To have a detailed data concerned with MCAT exam format and pattern, visitors on our website may have a complete glance at our posted piece of information.

MCAT Registration Fees 2018

MCAT Registration Fees are in addition to the initial MCAT 2018. In the beginning, students have to pay approx $310. Fees for MCAT registration are non-refundable if a student prefers to cancel it. Students need to know about the MCAT registration fee so that they may have a substantial plan to go ahead for registration. If you are also searching for details associated with MCAT fees then read our postings attentively. Here you will get the complete details about the MCAT registration fees that you actually should know.  MCAT registration fees are said to an important arena.

Eligibility Criteria for MCAT

When it comes to the Eligibility Criteria for MCAT, then there are no any particular eligibility criteria for this, but those who are wishing to apply for MCAT are required to meet the certain prescribed criteria that have been imposed by the college board located in the USA. Those students who are not the residents of the USA need to hold at least a four years undergraduate degree for admission to the medical colleges in the USA. For the purpose of applying to have the special permission, MCAT aspirants may send an e-mail request to AAMC, by dropping the concrete reasons behind taking this exam.

MCAT Test Syllabus 2018- 2019

MCAT Test Syllabus includes the physical sciences, biological sciences, Verbal reasoning and writing sample section. All these sections have designed to make an analysis of the applicant’s critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. As far as writing section is concerned, it incorporates two topics, one is essay writing and second is to mention about the viewpoint which seems just reverse to the first section. For deep information, Students may continue reading our post where we have stated about the MCAT Test Syllabus in a detailed way.

MCAT Exam Scores 

MCAT Exam Scores is also one of the significant factors about which students need to have an idea so that they may create a goal to obtain that much. We all know that for any exams, students need to prepare in proper so as to achieve a cut off marks to admission in the desired college. According to collected report, it has been known that the highest MCAT score goes up to 528.  Howbeit MCAT score is scaled between 118 and 132.  On the whole, it ranges from 472 and 528 approximately. Thus students are required to have a good preparation concerning MCAT EXAM score.

MCAT Test Scores Dates 2018

Prepare for the MCAT Exam 2018

Usually, MCAT aspirants keep looking for the working tips to prepare for the targeted competitive exams. In this section, we are going to discuss the same. First of all, students need to make a perfect practice to solve the questions and also they should keep taking the test to judge their level of preparation so to keep analyzing their weak point.  By implementing these, tips, students may improve their level quickly to qualify MCAT exam at once. Apart from all these, students should also try to break the discussion on tough topics with their friend w1hich will help a lot to them in developing the sense of understanding for that particular topic.

Register as a Test Taker with Disabilities

Those students who are possessed with some disabilities are liable to register as a test taker with disabilities. They are provided with health-related requirements to avail the testing accommodations. It is said to be essential to obtain the approval earlier. We have discussed detailed information about the procedure to register as a test taker with disabilities in this section to let our viewers know about complete information in this regard.


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