LSAT Test Dates 2019-2020

LSAT Test Dates 2019-2020: Registration, Exam Pattern, Eligibility Criteria

Taking a survey to know about the LSAT exam and want to study law in the USA? If your answer is yes, then read this article in a complete way. Here we have mentioned a complete data associated with LSAT exam along with LSAT Test Dates 2019-2020.

LSAT refers to the Law School Admission Test that is organized as a standardized test by the Law School Admission Council. This test is mainly conducted to assess the student’s capability in analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and reading comprehension skills. It is held four times in a year at the stipulated test centers across the world. Those students who aspire to pursue the law studies in foreign countries are liable to appear at this exam. LSAT aspirants are required to collect knowledge regarding the whole procedures that LSAT test combines. It is organized four times in a year and usually in the month of February, June September or October. But now it will be held in five times form 2018 and onwards.

More about LSAT Test Dates 2019-2020

The LSAT is most probably conducted on the first Saturday of the running month. As the LSAT test dates 2019-2020 are quite important and it is necessary for the LSAT aspirants to accumulate the required data as soon as possible. For this reason, we have posted this article to allow our viewers to have complete details of LSAT test dates 2019-2020.

U.S. LSAT Test Dates 2019-2020 and Times

International LSAT Test Dates 2019-2020

LSAT International Date & Time

LSAT Eligibility Criteria:

As far as the eligibility for LSAT is concerned then there are no any specific criteria for appearing at the LSAT test. Howbeit students will be required to fulfil the criteria that have been imposed by specific colleges of the USA. Most of the students need to have completed their undergraduate program. After that the most important thing is the LSAT test dates 2019-2020 that students need to know to schedule their study routine.

LSAT 2019-2020 registration:

Those students who want to take the LSAT test may register for it by three methods that are online, by phone and by mail. These are said to be as the common way to follow the registration process for LSAT test. If you want to register for through online then you may visit the official website for and may execute the steps for creating the LSAC account. After the accomplishment of account opening, you will be provided with an account number that will work as your primary identification number for all LSAT test dates 2019-2020. You may also have a look at your application status through LSAT 2018 account.

Pattern and Syllabus of LSAT 2019-2020 Exam

LSAT pattern is also an important factor along with LSAT test dates 2018-2019 and hence we are now going to about LSAT 2019-2020 pattern as well as its syllabus that students are required to know. LSAT is a paper-based test and comprises the five sections of 35 minutes each. This test is of multiple-choice question which also consists of the experimental segment but it is not included while calculating the final score. However, the cut off for LSAT Test Scores depends upon the highest marks that have been set by a specific Law school as criteria to choose students.

LSAT combines three main topics which have been stated as below:

Reading comprehension: This has been included to check out the student’s potential to read and also to measure their level of comprehension and insight. It consists of lengthy and complex topics that match with the syllabus of law section that has to be studied in the law school. This segment comprises the four sets of questions.

Analytical reasoning: This section has been incorporated to check out capability to get the structure of relationship and draw a logical conclusion on the whole from it. In this segment, students are offered with the questions in which they are required to deduce a conclusion from a given set of statements that explains about the connection among persons, things or events.

Logical reasoning: This part has been added to make an evaluation of student’s analyzing power and also how much they are capable of making arguments. Students need to read and understand a short passage to go ahead for answers. This section tests the potential of students concerned with coming to the appropriate conclusion and reason by analogy.

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