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education essayEducation is one of the very important parts of our life. It completely changes our whole life including our mind and personality as well. As we know the right education gives us proper knowledge of the world and changes it into something better. Proper education in the right direction also helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. Every parent always tells their children about the importance of right and proper education in life and all the various types of advantages of education to make their mind towards better study in the future. But in this section, we are trying to provide Education Essay or Essay on Education for school’s kids or children, and students because most of the schools/colleges are conducting different types of essay competition at schools. Those students who want to win essay competition then here is the right place where you can easily get a huge list of a short essay on education as well as a long essay on education. If you are looking for Importance of education essay or how to write education then you are in right place.

Short Education Essay (150 Words):

As we know, education is one of the fundamental rights of peoples but good quality education is very mandatory for every individual people to go ahead in life and achieve huge success. Quality education always develops the confidence level and also helps to build the personality of a person. Basic education is very important for everyone that’s why school education always plays a great role in everyone’s life. Generally, whole education has been divided into various parts such as,

  • Primary Education,
  • Secondary Education and
  • Higher Secondary education.

These all types of education divisions have their own importance and benefits. Any kinds of good or bad education always decide which type of people we would in the upcoming future. In this competitive world, it is must be required to all to have a good and proper education because of higher education has become increased to the chance of getting a good job and position in various fields.

Importance of Essay on Education for Students (250 Words):

In this technology era, Education is very important for us (both men and women equally). Education is one of the fundamental rights of peoples in all over India. All the educated peoples (man and women) always make a healthy and educated society. Quality education is an essential and important tool for getting a bright future as well as plays a huge role in the progress of our nation. So, any types of proper and good quality education in the right direction always makes the bright future of both, the individual and the country. All the educated peoples give a huge contribution to build the nation and also lead it to the height of success and progress continuously.

The quality education always gives lots of important purposes to the life such as improvement of the personal development, improvement of social life & health, improvement of economic progress, and also make us aware towards lots of social issues, environmental issues, as well as economic issues and gives the proper and right solutions to solve it. In the present time, education has become very easy and simple because of the implementation various types of education programs such as distance learning programmes. Now, our wonderful education system is fully capable to remove all different types of social issues as well as illiteracy issues in various religions and caste.

So, at the end of this section, we can say the quality education always develops the people’s minds to a good level and it surely helps in removing all the various differences in our present society. The quality of education also increases our ability to understand all human rights.

Importance of Essay on Education for Kids/Students (350 Words):

As we know Education is one of the important fundamental rights of peoples in India. The quality of education always plays a vital role in our life like building personality improvement, and also improving the knowledge and skill. In the present time, our education system has been divided into three major categories (in all over India) these mentioned in the bellow section,

  1. Primary education,
  2. Secondary education and
  3. Higher Secondary education

These types of education category are very important because it improves our analytical skills, knowledge, personality and overall character. Any types of quality education always help every person in nourishing his present and future by ensuring the purpose of life. The quality of education need is increasing day by day. The quick growth and development of any nation fully depend on the quality of the education system in the whole country. However, in the present time education system in every part of our country is not equal that’s why the proper growth of people and there society is varied and the reason behinds of it is weak and strong education system.  The high-quality education always trains us whole life and also brings lots of great and wonderful opportunities to our way to get better chance required for the amazing career growth as well as improvement.

In this educational world, each and every individual people must be required proper and high-quality education to enhance their own lifestyle. Quality education is also very important for our social and economic growth. So we can say the future of any individual person or country fully depends on the quality education system and strategy. Our government have been taken several types of important steps for improving our education systems all over the country especially rural areas and other backward areas of the country. Without the proper and quality education, our life becomes aimless and tough life. So we should understand completely the importance of quality education in our whole life.

Long Essay on Education for Students (400 Words):

As we know education is an important part of our life that’s why the Indian government has been already declaring education is one of the fundamental rights in Indian. The main purpose of education in all over the world is to help every individual student to gain the proper and quality knowledge and skills so that they will be able to give their important service in our society. Every individual person or peoples also need to be provided with the all the required or necessary skills so that they can learn to become productive citizens. In the present time lost of benefits of quality education in our daily life. Every individual people will be able to give some essential contributions to their community and also helps to make it a better place to live. We always believe that the proper and quality education always help you and with the help of it everyone easily improve their life slandered. So we can say the education is one of a vital part of our life. I feel the quality of education, as well as proper education, is very important in every aspect.

What is the main purpose of quality or good education?

The main purpose of quality or good education is to develop people’s desire and also improve their ability or skills to think and learn about the existence around them. The other important purpose is to learn how to make truly relationships that will enable people’s to work with their peers.

Importance of Education for Everyone:

  • The quality of education always helps to realize your inborn skills. Every individual people can bring all your hide skills or talents to fore with quality and proper education.
  • In the present time, you cannot easily get a job without proper education. However, with the help of a good education, you will fetch your dream job.
  • Good education also helps you to improve your financial position and stability.
  • Quality education always helps you take better, right decisions.
  • In another word, we can say that your health depends upon your good education.
  • With the help of a good education, you can take step by steps to prevent different types of disease.
  • Good education also makes us very humble and good human beings. The proper education creates a huge awareness and also expands our visions.
  • Quality education also helps us to develop a disciplined life and discipline is one of the very essential for us because with the help of the right discipline we can achieve everything in our life.
Importance of Education Essay for Students (500 Words):

Introduction: Education is a most essential part of our life because it is the right medium of acquiring all the important knowledge and skills. Everyone easily gets the education with the help of different ways like learning various types of books. As we know, our basic education generally begins at home. Thereafter, as we grow we go to schools, colleges and other educational centres/institute. Any types of education bring different types of changes in our life. Finally, we can say the proper education is very important for everyone. In the present time, education is one of the important fundamental rights of peoples and every people deserves to get the opportunity for proper education.

Advantages of Education:

Good education always makes us humble in our life. Proper education makes awareness and expands our vision.

With the help of the right education, we become more aware of our life, about our society, and everything about our surrounding.

A good education always helps us to develop a disciplined in our life and as we know discipline is the most important and essential part of our life for achieving anything.

As we know with the help of good education all the educated person always get huge respect in society.

A good education enables us to earn our livelihood in our life because with the help of it’s we can easily get a good job.

As we known and it fact that all the educated person always gets better earning opportunities in all over the world.

After completing our higher education in any particular stream, we can also consider and start our own business. With the help of right and high education, we can also become an expert and consultant in a particular area.

We can easily help illiterate adults to learn the elementary skills of reading, and writing etc.

In the present time, education is an important key to women empowerment and gender equality. Education makes women self-dependent, and also looked upon with dignity in our society. Now, with the help of proper education, they are aware of their various types of social, and economic rights.

Good education always helps in fighting against human rights violations in our society.

A good education always helps in getting rid of various kinds of social problems such as child labour, and child marriage etc.


Now, we can confidently say the right and proper education is definitely very important in our life because education always plays a vital. The right education can bring us to the top of our dreams because the right education always leads us to the right path and also gives us a huge opportunity to have a fantastic life. As we already know the right education always makes people capable of doing new things that can go a long way to improving their living standards. So, here we are suggested you always try to get the right education and also learn something new and day to day in your whole life.

Long Education Essay for Students (650 Words):

Introduction: In the present time Education is the basic need for everyone who lives on this planet because without any proper education we can’t imagine our life easy and secure. As we know, Education is an essential way for every individual people to get huge and quick success in life and also earn good respect and recognition in their society. Most of the time Education plays a huge role in our day to day life as it brings several types of positive effects on our life. A good and proper education always helps to identifies our career objectives and teaches us to live in a more civilized manner. In the short term, we can say everything in our day to day life is based on the proper and good knowledge and skill of the people which ultimately comes from education. Education is the backbone of our bright future, including

good society, good community and good country which depends on the good education system.

Why Education is Important?

What is the importance of education in our life or why education is so important? These types of questions occur in our mind and our parents or elders one always said education is one of the important parts of our life. A good education always empowers our minds that will be able to conceive good thoughts and ideas. However, life gives us various survivable challenges in our life but a good education always guide us to fight with various types of troubles or challenges and get a huge success in life.

Seven (7)) Important Points Why is Education So Important in Our Life:

In the above section, we can try to understand why education is important? Now we are trying to discuss some important points on the importance of education.

1. A quality education always develops an individual personality, socially, as well as economically. A good education also helps us to do our day to day life activities in best possible ways. Generally, education makes us obedient and helps us to assume various types of new skills and knowledge that will impact our lives.

2. Proper and higher education always gives a person all the required tools and quick awareness about how he can earn his daily bread and butter. Individual peoples also get complete and right knowledge about how he can raise his standard of living while accomplishing his family’s daily requirements.

3. Having a quality education always makes peoples well familiar with his rights and responsibilities as well.

4. A quality education always teaches us the art of living life to the fullest.

5. The well-educated peoples are able to identify right or wrong and good or bad.

6. After getting the high-quality education, every people are able to fight with various types of social evils and feels empowered to eliminate such types of problems.

7. Well-Educated parents and teachers are successfully teaching his children and students very effectively. They also know how to use his own knowledge and education for the total improvement of the society or community.

Our government also launched several types of educational programs for our peoples for educating them because without educated peoples we can’t able to develop our country and also unable to change their lifestyle.


So, finally, we can see how a good education plays a significant role in our daily life of a person. We understand that a good quality of education is a way to accomplish good knowledge. In the word, we can say it is the primary aim of getting the right education. According to Indian constitution “education is the fundamental right” so everyone easily gets the education all over India.

Importance of Education Essay (1000 Words):

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