GMAT Test Dates 2019 2020 (Graduate Management Admission Test)

GMAT Test Dates 2019- 2020: Registration, Exam Pattern, Eligibility Criteria

GMAT-TESTTake yourself out of the chaos that you are still facing. Students keep searching always for the informative site where they may have the entire information associated with their queries. In current time a maximum number of students carries the desire to have admission to colleges located in the USA. Our team has made an intense observation and came to the final conclusion in this concern. Actually according to the demand and the imposed exams, first of all, students must have enough knowledge about their decided field.  For that purpose, we have created this webpage to make them known and answer their possible queries. Now we will talk about the GMAT exam here which is obligatory to take if you want to shape up your career in the business world and want to pursue it in the USA business school. Now here we mention GMAT Test Dates 2019- 2020 (Graduate Management Admission Test).

GMAT which stands for the Graduate Management Admission Test has a been imposed as a standardized management test. It is organized by Graduate Management Admission Council i.e. GMAC and those students who want to take admission in the MBA colleges located in the USA is of courses is the subject to take this exam. This test has been prescribed by the college authorities to judge the approaching students’ ability for admissions to MBA, Master of Accountancy and Master of finance and another relating field.

GMAT Test Dates 2019- 2020:

When it comes to the date of the GMAT 2019 exam then obviously it is an important concern that needs to be focused in an attentive way. However no any stipulated date has been imposed for GMAT 2019 exams on an official basis, therefore students may select any date as per their convenience. Under the circumstances of retaking the GMAT exam, students may appear for it after the 16 days of previous exam date. Students may take GMAT exam five times in a year. Usually, they are advised to accomplish the registration procedure two to three months before the date of exam.

What are the eligibility criteria for GMAT Exams 2018- 2019?

Those students who are going to appear at GMAT 2019 exam must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Students must hold the age of minimum 18-years. In if someone wants to take the GMAT exams 2019-2020 between the ages of 13-17 years, and then he or she would have to ask for the permission from a parent or legal guardian.
  • They are not allowed to take the GMAT exam 2019 more than five times in a year and not more than 8 times including all.
  • They may approach to retake the GMAT exam 16 days later with respect to the former date of exam.
  • In case, if a student obtains a perfect score of 800 then he or she will have to wait for at least 5 Years if willing to appear at GMAT exam one again.
  • Students are required to abide by all rules that have been for registration and test.

Methods for Registration Regarding GMAT Test Dates 2019- 2020:

Students have to create official GMAT profile to execute the registration procedure and after that, they are required to take care of the name, date of birth and citizenship that should match their identification.

To carry out the procedure further follow the below-stated steps:
  • Move towards the direct link that has been provided.
  • Edit the personal information provided earlier.
  • Now after that insert the profile details.
  • Select the date for your exam.
  • Now be sure of the correctness of your details.
  • Later this, make payment for the exam and complete the registration procedure.
GMAT Exam Pattern 2018- 2019:

Exam pattern is deemed as the most important thing for and hence students must have the idea of about GMAT 2019-2020 exam pattern. Every question carries five options among which students are required to select any one of those. The next questions become visible after answering the previous one and this is students may not skip any of the questions. Another important thing is that anyone may not get back to the previously answered question to change the selected answer. It means students may not make any changes in the answers that they have done once.  The GMAT exams consist of three sections:

  • Analytical Writing ability
  • Quantitative
  • Verbal

The Quantitative sections comprise two subsections i.e. Problem-solving and Data Efficiency mixed.

The verbal section consists of three subsections i.e. Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning and sentence correction.

The solving time for each of the prescribed section has been scheduled for 75 minutes.  There are 78 questions of which 37 are in quantitative and rest 41 in verbal. Hence, the GMAT exam gets completed in 4 hours approx.

Analytical Writing Assessment: This section has been imposed to check out the potential of the student relating to their writing. Here one essay based on an issue and other essay based on the argument is set.  The stipulated time for this section is about 60 minutes.

Quantitative Section: This section includes 37 questions which are based on problem-solving and Data Sufficiency. This segment particularly checks out the level of Mathematics of students that they have studied up to 10th level.  Usually, it incorporates the topics like area and volume of 2-D and 3-D figures, probability, algebra and geometry and many more.

In data sufficiency, each problem constitutes questions followed by two statements. Every provided option is given with five probabilities that arise in this case.

Verbal Section: This section examines the basic skill of correct English and reasoning analysis simultaneously. The number of Questions is 41 which contain 3 types and those are sentence correction, Critical reasoning, and reading comprehension.

Scoring Pattern for GMAT Test 2019- 2020:

The GMAT exam results include four different types of scores. That has been divided by a total score, a separate Verbal score, a separate Quantitative Score and analytical writing score. As far as total score is concerned, then it is measured on a scale from 200 to 800. The verbal and quantitative Scores are analyzed o a scale of 0 to 60. Students may immediately come to know about their total score of verbal and quantitative after the GMAT exam gets over.

GMAT Test Syllabus 2019- 2020:-

GMAT Test syllabus 2019-2020 is indispensable for MBA students, who want to study in MBA colleges in the USA. This test includes the subjects like Analytical writing assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative and verbal. GMAT exam lasts for three and half hours. Applicants are scored on the scale of 200-800, howbeit only verbal and quantitative GMAT scores influence the on the whole score of 200-800.  GMAT   test is held to access by the colleges in the USA just to access the applicant’s capability about their understandings that they have learned in their schools.


Q- How much time should I spend on GMAT preparation before GMAT Test Dates 2019-2020?

Learning potential of students varies at the vast level so there is no any prescribed duration of time for such preparation. There are many students who can memorize and clear their confusion associated with their in very short time limitation but some of them take much time or even more than one month or a year. It is said to be better for anyone to decide the method of preparation according to your comfort and make sure that you will easily reach the goal score through the strategy that you have decided for preparing yourself for GMAT test.

Q- When should I take the GMAT first?

You may plan to take the GMAT test according to your desire as the GMAT Test Score 2019-2020 validates for five years.  Students may take this test even when they are not ready to apply for GMAT registration. However taking GMAT test the first time, one year ago the application deadline for the University of your Preferences is deemed to be ideal.

Q- What is the best date for retaking GMAT?

It is quite obvious Students plan to retake the GMAT exam only when they are not satisfied with their first performances. Sometimes it happens that even after months of preparation students could not obtain expected marks that will surely be preventing them from getting enrollment in MBA colleges of their choice. GMAC permits students to retake GMAT exam as many times as they wish.  There is only one limit and that is students may take the GMAT exam once every 31 calendar days and no more than five times in a rolling 12-months period.

Q- What is important to know about GMAT test dates 2019-2020 and location in the USA?

If you are quite serious about taking admission in business schools in the USA then, of course, you will have to take the GMAT exam which is a standardized test conducted by college board to choose the international students. Another significant thing GMAT 2019 is that students should have an idea about test dates and its deadlines for registration. One thing is also necessary for GMAT aspirants that they should select the GMAT Test Dates 2019-2020 in which they won’t miss it due to some of the issues.

Q- Why is GMAT rescheduled?

GMAT test dates 2019-2020 may be rescheduled because of some of the other problems at test centers of GMAT. However sometimes due to the unavailability of basic resources like a power supply or unwanted conditions like heavy rain on test dates may also be one of the reasons for rescheduling of GMAT test dates 2019-2020.

Q- Are some GMAT test dates 2019-2020 easier and some harder?

This is quite a delusion that GMAT aspirants think that some of the GMAT test dates 2019-2020 are offered with easy questions and some are provided with harder. This completely depends on GMAT aspirant’s preparation that how perfectly they have prepared themselves to take the GMAT exam. The most important thing is that students need to focus on what they have set to score and accordingly work hard to achieve that.

Q- Which GMAT 2019-2020 test should be selected?

GMAT test 2019-2020 may be taken according to the choice of the students. This test is conducted at various centers almost every day of the year. GMAT is not organized only when a test center is closed. Therefore you are free to choose the GMAT test totally as per your convenience.

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