GED Test Dates 2019- 2020

GED Test Dates 2019- 2020: Registration, Exam Pattern, Eligibility Criteria

GED stands for General Education Development or General Equivalency Diploma that evaluate the capability of students in four subjects. It is organized by the American Council on Education. It comprises segments like science, Mathematics, Social studies and reading and writing. It actually a joint venture of the American Council on Education and this test is available in multiple languages such as Spanish and French. Those students who qualify the GED test are considered eligible to proceed further with their higher studies. Good marks obtained by GED test takers are treated as a positive point for them.

GED Test Dates 2019- 2020

GED addresses the General Education Development or General Education Diploma. It is internationally conducted and makes the test-taker to get admission in the educational or training program. However, applicants are required to fulfil the certain criteria to appear at the GED test. Now another important thing is that students need to know about GED Test dates. Most of them are in confusion regarding the test dates and this might affect the study routine that they need to focus on for their concrete preparation. 

You may easily select the test date according to your favour and further proceed with preparation. GED tests are held in multiple languages and alternative formats. In contemporary time, it is being organized in three languages and those are English, Spanish and French. However Spanish and French versions are not available at all locations. Taking as a whole, GED test dates 2019-2020 are treated as one of the most significant factors because it helps in offering a strategic mindset up for preparation. According to the survey, it has been brought into light that most of the students today wish to study out of their own country and the most preferred country has been known to be the USA among the students. It is also well-known that this is the highly competitive era where students need to give their best under all circumstances to occupy the space in their desired colleges.

Dates of GED Test Exams 2019- 2020

January 8-9 March 26-27
January 15-16 April 2-3
January 22-23 April 9-10
January 28-29 April 16-17
February 5-6 April 23-24
February 12-13 April 30-May 1
February 19-20 May 7-8
February 26-27 May 14-15
March 5-6 May 21-22
March 19-20 May 28-29

GED 2019-2020 Exam Format and Pattern

It is standardized tests that include the range of knowledgeability of those students who are graduating high school seniors. It incorporates sections such as social studies, science, language arts-reading, and mathematics. Students are required to obtain about 200-800 which is treated as the standard score. GED Exam Format and Pattern is the most important factor that because only on this basis students may prepare for the exam by creating a strategic routine for their studies. However, every state possesses the authority to operate the GED test as per own jurisdiction.

GED 2019- 2020 Registration Fees:

Those students who are applying for GED test will be responsible to pay certain GED registration fees that they need to know prior to applying for this test. But it varies cording to the different test centres because each test centres decides its own fees and other criteria.  We have analyzed that students keep exploring for the complete data about the GED Registration Fees. In this section of the article, we have mentioned the fees considering over the accumulated data of different testing centres for GED. It is mandatory for students to make payment of fees to take the GED test.

Eligibility Criteria for GED 2019- 2020:

Those students who want to take GED test must have an idea for eligibility criteria for GED and hence we have mentioned here some of the points here. Students are required to be free from the enrollment in high school and they should also be undergraduates.  Another thing is that students need to at least 18 years old. As per the accumulated data, it has been known that some states allow the students to take the GED test at the age of 16 and 17 years. Thus it is essential for students to know about the local test centre provisions.

GED Test Syllabus 2019- 2020:

GED test syllabus includes four segments that are social science, science, mathematics and reading and writing. It is important for students to know about the test syllabus of GED. They may go ahead to prepare themselves only after knowing the syllabus of GED test. We all know that for satisfactory preparation, students need to study accordingly. Therefore in this section, we have discussed the GED Test Syllabus in an elaborated way so that students may be able to have the complete information about the GED test to reduce the problems of GED aspirants.

GED Exam Scores 2019- 2020

As far as GED exam score is concerned, then each subject test is considered on the scale of 100-200 points. To qualify for the GED test students need to obtain at least 145 in each subject. It is obligatory to pass each subject on an individual level so marks approx 580 is deemed as the good marks. In case if a student does not obtain passing marks in one subject but has earned very good marks in rest of the subjects, even when he or she won’t be offered with a passing score. Thus they need to get good marks in each subject.

Prepare for the GED 2019- 2020 Exam

Students need to Prepare for the GED Exam in an honest way so as to earn good marks in each subject. For this purpose, they may opt for taking a practice test, create a favourable schedule, also they may utilize the flashcards. The better way to make preparation for GED exam is that students should take it as a fun try to make such routine through which they may maintain both their leisure time as well as their study time. Apart from these, they may select to read books and watch videos related to GED preparation.

Register as a Test Taker with Disabilities

GED testing services are fully inclined to offer the test even to those students who hold the disabilities. Students may register as a test taker with disabilities on request. However, the facilities for accommodations may be approved for those who are disabled in some of the other ways. Now when it comes to time, then it might take around seven weeks. We have provided more information regarding register as a test taker with disabilities process for the convenient of students.

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