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Quick Overview of Women’s Empowerment (Essay on Women Empowerment):

Women-EmpowermentIn the present time, Women empowerment is one of the most popular social campaigns to women empowerment by promoting their huge participation in all areas and also improve their quality of life. With the help of Women empowerment, they can easily take their own decisions by breaking all the various types of personal restriction of the society and family etc. As we know Women Empowerment is a very important topic in the present time and generally, everyone anywhere discusses or talk about the Women Empowerment. Most of the schools and colleges are also conducts various essay competition and students are generally get Women empowerment topic to discuss or write an Essay on Women Empowerment. In this web post, we are trying to provide some different word limit Essay on Women Empowerment or Women empowerment Essay for students or kids.

Essay on Women’s Empowerment in India (100 Words) for Students, Kids:

In the common word, Women Empowerment is empowering the women in different aspects such as financially empowerment, educationally empowerment and social empowerment. Women Empowerment is very important for fully growth of every society, and culture etc. because it sure helps to make the bright future of every family, every society and the whole country. Women Empowerment they can easily take their own (personal and social) decisions. In the word, we can say Women Empowerment is to make women’s fully independent in all the various aspects from the mind, thoughts, rights, and decisions, etc by leaving all the social and family limitations. With the help of Women Empowerment, we can bring equality in our society for both male and female in all region.

Short Essay on Women’s Empowerment in India (200 Words) for Students, Kids:

Women empowerment means “getting women the freedom to make a life choice, according to quotes of Swami Vivekananda Ji “there is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the conditions of women are an improvement. India is a male dominate nation but in the present time every woman equal or co-operative & helpful of a male person. Nevertheless, a male person avoids to women achievement because he understands he is better from women. But government & many NGO’s & other society foundations take to many development steps for women’s. Time to time many government schemes launched for women development o improvement women empower such as a right for job relative work, education right & help in his education, the right to decide for themselves. Many acts passed by the government to empower women development.

1. Equal remuneration Act 1976.

2. Dowry Prohibition Act 1961.

3. Immoral Traffic Act 1956.

4. Medical termination of pregnancy Act 1971.

5. Maternity benefits act 1961

6. Sexual harassment of women at workplace act 2013, so many order to empower women with a legal right.

Many rules applied in Indian society for women safety. World celebrate international women day every year month of 8 is the very best day for every woman.

Women Empowerment Essay in English (300 Words): Short Essay on Women Empowerment:

Before, knowing about the ‘women empowerment’, definitely, we should fully understand the meaning of ’empowerment’. Empowerment denotes some important power and with the help of that power, every individual person easily takes their own life decision strongly, effectively and independently. Now we are talking about the capability, where every single woman is independent of all the various types of bonds as a family and society and are the creators of their own decisions very effectively. As we know gender equality is most important, first and foremost, a human right. Without gender equality, we can’t imagine about the women empowerment. Every single woman is entitled to live in dignity with freedom from want and from fear. Women Empowering is also very important an essential way for advancing improvement and reducing poverty. Most of the empowered women always give a huge contribution to the health and productivity of their families and communities and a good chance to develop for the next generation.

Why We Need Women Empowerment:

Our society is fully male dominated in the ancient time where males are fully dominated in most of the area and generally females are forced to be responsible for only family care and also live in the home including various types of restrictions. As we all know the full development of any country only depends on the empowerment of every single people (including male and female). In the present time, our country women are not fully empowered and still restricted by lots of social taboos. So, we can’t say anything about the country would be fully developed in the future without empowering every single woman. It is very necessary to women empowerment and we can do it with the help of several efforts like making effective government laws for women and breaks all the restriction.

Women Empowerment Essay (400 Words) for Kids, Students:

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