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Child girls are a very beautiful gift for us given by God. Girls are different kind roll play in his life, she is so cute daughter his mummy papa. 2 Roll ply she is lovely sister she always respects of a brother, 3rd is she ply roll she is wife where she takes all responsibility other home & care to in lows & his husband or another relative person. Last & 4th is she is very kindness mother role. Mother is a much best roll in our life. That means girls (child girls) are a very important part of in this world. But some stupid people understand that girls are a big problem in his life. She can’t play boys roll on his family. She is not equal to boys. Because boys take on our family next generation. But we forget this work impossible without girls, some stupid people do the fatal death because they are not wanting to girl’s burn on his family. Because they understand that girls big responsibility for very high expensive such as a there education marriage mostly is dowry. But now government and Supreme Court of India to ban on fetal death. Every ultrasound secret by hospital or doctors orders by India Government of Supreme Court. Time to time government takes many steps saving for child girls. The Indian Government always helpful for saving child girls in these several financially schemes for girls such as (1) Sukanya Samirdhi schemes launched for the girl’s child education and marriage. Under this scheme, parents can open an account in the name of two girls’ children up to 10 years age & deposit 1000 per year after girls attained 21 years of age. (2) CBSC Scholarship schemes –under this girls get helped Rs. 500 per in tuition fee. (3) Balika Samrridi Yozna (4) Prime Minister Kanya Suraksha Yozna.

Conclusion- Save to child girls this is the first step of a human being. In this time every girl equal to boys, she good finishing every responsibility in every field. She is not burdening of his any family if you Educated & takes the Befit of Government Scheme launched for Girls.

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