Essay on Internet Advantage and Disadvantages

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of The Internet Essay (250 Words):

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Internet- this means an international network of computer, each computer connected with every computer and date and information share.

Essay on Advantage of Internet

  1. Online payment- this is a very important use of the Internet. Maximum people pay online bills payment such as Mobile bills. Electricity bill, credit card bills, railways ticket, more payment online pay uses with the Internet.
  2. Online massage send or received.(voice call, Chat, email, massage,etc.)- Every people use mobile Internet for email chatting, talking, and video call to his family friend and business employee.
  3. Online office work- this time more than company his office work done by online uses by the Internet.
  4. Online shopping- More than people online shopping such as purchase cloth, shoes, and household accessories, everything that’s necessary for him.
  5. Business promotion (online advertising, marketing or website)-maximum company promote to his business advertising websites help with uses to the Internet.
  6. Online jobs search and online application for the job, online government project or government job search or apply.
  7. Entertainment- Internet is very important of sources of entertainment. Every people use to smart mobile phone or computer & do the entertainment from the online movie, songs video, what’s apps chat, games. Etc.
  8. Communication-email, chatting, social networking, sms
  9. E-commerce- E-banking, E-ticketing, online shopping
  10. The study – this time more than student study from computer Internet & mobile Internet uses of study website by the Internet.

Disadvantage of internet

  1. Time waste- This is a very disadvantage of the internet. Maximum people busy on a mobile phone with play games, chatting, entertainment, and time waste
  2. Wrong information on the internet.
  3. Data hacked- in this century every data or every important work online than cybercrime people data hacked or theft the data & misuse to important government data.
  4. Virus- this is a very big problem in internet uses. Sometimes a virus comes in our system when we use to internet & this virus crept or damage to our files or data.
  5. Wrong information from mail or other messages- this time maximum fake massages come in our mail about our banking and important document.
  6. Internet attraction and reduce health- internet day by day reduce our health and disturbed our living environment. This time very people attach in mobile internet, this is the cause of lack of relationships.
  7. Pornography-this very bad and harmful uses of the internet.
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