Commonwealth Games (CWG) Trivia Questions 2018

Commonwealth Game (CWG) Trivia Questions 2018

The Commonwealth Games is very popular multi-sport game event over the world. The First Commonwealth Games was hosted by Hamilton, Canada in 1930, in this game there were 400 athletes take participated from 11 different countries. Now in CWG, there are 15 games after the update. The Commonwealth Games has taken place every four years. Last Commonwealth Game hosted by Glasgow, Scotland in 2014. And Next CWG Event in 2022 will host in Birmingham, England. Now CWG 2018 hosting by Australia. There are 71 Nations participating in this multi-sport event. Here are some trivia question-related CWG Trivia Questions 2018.

CWG Trivia Questions 2018:

1.Q- From the following countries which country does not compete in CWG anymore despite formally being part of the British Empire?

A) Republic of Ireland B) Jamaica
C) Malaysia D) South Africa

Ans- A) Republic of Ireland

2.Q- Which was the first Asian country hosted the Commonwealth Games?

A) India B) China
C) Malaysia D) Japan

Ans- C) Malaysia

3.Q- How many countries won medals in the Commonwealth Games held at in Melbourne in  2006?

A) 49 Countries B) 39 Countries
C)  37 Countries D) 42 Countries

Ans- B) 39 Countries

4.Q- How Many Gold Medal Won by the Athletes in CWG 2010?

A) 272 B) 282
C) 278 D) 300

Ans- A) 272

5.Q- Which team beat Australian Women’s Hockey Team in 2002?

A) Canada B) India
C) Malaysia D) Japan

Ans- C) Malaysia 

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