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 The Central America Map Quiz is game for knowledge of geography trivia on the global states and their capitals of Central America continents. Can you know the name of all states and its capitals of America? If no, then you should have to visit our quiz official site and download our “Central America Map Quiz” from there that will help to answer these geography questions. These quizzes are available in Pdf format so you can easily download it and check also your geography knowledge about the map of Central America without any obstacle. If you have a good hand in this mapping field over the America geographical location, you are highly recommended to play this educational game with lots of fun. With the help of this quiz game, you can learn the geography skills all around the America climate.

The Central America map quiz game will help all of you learn the position of all sates about the America Central world in a pleasurable manner. All of you should have to play this mind-game quiz for improving your worlds’ environmental knowledge also with lots of enjoyment and getting pleasure. This quiz app plays an important role in a student life as this game grows the geography knowledge and map ability of students. They can learn lots of thing by playing this quiz contents. In this game, players can win by getting the highest score as compared to other participants. The questions asked in this Central America map quiz have covered the location of states and capitals of America continent. These questions contain four options A, B, C, and D, it means there are multiple-choice questions are asked in this game. Now, you have to select the correct answer among the given options; if you gave the right answer to the question you will get the score for that. If you will get the highest score in this game rather than others, you are the winner of that quiz game and you are awarded by the chief of the contest.

So, you have a golden opportunity to win the prize after winning this trivia quiz game. Our aim is to extend the map knowledge to everyone over America continent and improve their skills too. Everyone should play this game and test their knowledge to geography trivia about the states of America. If you are master-minded in geography skill, then you should play and win this quiz contest with your sharp knowledge.

Some Questions and Answers related to Central America

1.Q- How many countries fallen in central America?

A) 7 B) 8
C) 6 D) 9

Ans- A) 7

2.Q- What is the total area of Central America?

A) 507,900 km2 B) 505,966 km2  
C) 507,966 km2    D) 607,900 km2

Ans- C) 507,966 km2 

3.Q- What is the most spoken language in Central America?

A) Spanish B) Miskito
C) English D) Mayan languages

Ans- A) Spanish

4.Q- Which country has fallen in North of Costa Rica?

A) Panama B) El Salvador
C) Nicaragua D) Belize

Ans- C) Nicaragua

5.Q- Which country has fallen in West of Panama?

A) Panama B) Costa Rica
C) Nicaragua D) Belize

Ans- B) Costa Rica

6.Q- What are the major cities in Central America?

A) Guatemala City B) San Salvador
C) Managua D) Panama City

Ans- A) Guatemala City

7.Q- What is the total Population of Central America in 2018?

A) 158,856,411 B) 128,856,411
C) 188,856,411 D) 178,856,411

Ans- D) 178,856,411

8.Q-  Which of the following are NOT a part of Central America?

A) Honduras B) Cuba
C) El Salvador D) Panama

Ans- B) Cuba 

9.Q- What is the highest point in Central America?

A) Mt. Kosciusko B) Mt. Tajumulco
C) Mt. Olympus D) Mt. Kilamanjaro

Ans- B) Mt. Tajumulco

10.Q-  Panama is this type of land?

A) Isthmus B) City
C) Island D) Town

Ans- A) Isthmus

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