ACT Test Scores

Quick Details about ACT Test Scores & Subject Test Scores

act subject test scoresACT scores are one of the most important factors that students need to focus because this is only the bridge that will open the door for their enrollment in their desired colleges in the USA. Most often it ranges from a low of 1 to a max score of 36. Therefore it always comes to mind that what is a good ACT score? It is already known to everyone that ACT is a test that is conducted at a common level to make an assessment of international students concerned with their basic knowledge that they learn during their schooling. In this section of the article, we will discuss scoring the highest ACT score that students must know. Marks obtained between 1 and 36 addresses the percentile that helps you in making a comparison regarding your performance with respect to other ACT test-takers. If you obtain the higher percentile, then it means that you have achieved a score higher than that percent of the particular students. Average ACT score is put up just to execute a normal distribution which means that the performance of students may be measured around the middle of the scale. Most of the students obtain marks between a bit low or high than the average score.

ACT score range depends upon the stipulated subjects that are tested actually. It consists of four sections that are English, Math, Reading, and Science so the marks obtained in each segment contributes greatly to affect the range of ACT scores.  If you are obtaining the marks like in English and Math 19 to 20 and reading and science 20 to 21 then you will reach the boundary of 50% marks. The noticeable point for a student is that they must be focused towards average scores of schools, howbeit national averages don’t come under the matter of relevancy. Some of the schools are also there that considers ACT writing scores whereas some don’t take it into consideration. It is necessary for students that they should know about the ACT scores range and for the purpose of obtaining good marks students always need to come up with the concrete study plan. Sometimes they are also required to improve their marks because of obtaining fewer marks and for that students need to study around 40-50 hours.  Thus appearing students for ACT test 2018-2019 must be aware of the ACT test scores that they should know.

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